Photo of Sissi  F

Sissi F

Peer Mentor

Program & Year:

Fourth year Journalism with minors in Political Science and Italian

Why I’m a mentor:

I am a mentor because I remember how new and different university felt from High School. Having a mentor is like having a big sibling that has gone through your current struggles, they are able to provide guidance, support and become a friendly face in a strange crowd. I’ve been at Carleton for four years and I’ve taken on many roles, with my new role as a mentor and VP of the Students’ Association, I want my mentees to feel like Carleton is their new home and that they can achieve anything by having the right support.

Something I wished I knew in my first year… 

Something I knew when I was in first year: if something takes you less than 5 minutes to do it, do it right then! You will save so much time and you will not procrastinate.