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MPD discussions are backed by the international resources developed by the Metropolis Project since its inception in 1996. Metropolis has earned a reputation for non-partisan conversations of policy and practice and that are grounded in rigorous, up-to-date empirical research. Our aim is thoroughly pragmatic, to enhance policy through research, recognizing the importance of specific contexts and the dangers of prescribing single solutions for all. MPD assembles people from all corners of the globe to exchange ideas and experiences on these topics guided by some of the world’s top experts in the field. Although we do not prescribe specific solutions, we do believe that migration and integration can be managed to the mutual advantage of host societies, migrants, and, ideally, countries of origin. We believe that it is optimal to manage migration and integration as a continuum. We believe that policy development is only part of the management process and that effective implementation through skillful administration is equally important. And we place a premium on knowing both the global and national contexts within which societies manage these deeply complex phenomena.