Want to collaborate face-to-face with colleagues around the globe but time and budget prevent you from doing so? Our videoconferencing service can help, providing a convenient, cost-effective solution to your problem.

Using a bridging service, we can create a multi-site conference, allowing groups of people to participate. Bring an expert from another university to speak to your class at a fraction of the cost of flying and hosting them here. Videoconferencing can also be used for thesis defenses, job interviews, guest speakers, training, international student collaboration, meetings, recruiting and research sharing.

Videoconferences arranged through the Media Production Centre can take place either in our permanent facility in 617 Southam Hall or in many classrooms and public venues on campus by booking our portable videoconference system.

Portable Videoconference System

Our portable high definition conference system is available for academic and departmental use on the Carleton campus. We provide a technician with the unit. Connection to this unit is limited to IP only.

Permanent Videoconference Facility

617 Southam Hall - view 1617 Southam Hall - view 2617 Southam Hall - view 3
Our permanent videoconference installation is also an IP capable high definition system which accommodates higher bandwidth connections. The room has a classroom style layout with seating for 47 and a teaching console at the front of room. There are two robotic cameras, a document camera, data projector and projection screen, DVD and VHS playback capability, PC with internet connection in the teaching console and a connection for a laptop computer.

Pay and display parking is available in Parking lot 1 next to our facility.

For rates and bookings please contact

Greg Allison
Tel : 613-520-2600 x 1538