Below you will find a collection of resources for using Zoom for web conferencing.

You can find out more information about web conferencing, including best practices and the differences between the tools (BigBlueButton, Microsoft Teams and Zoom) on our Conferencing at Carleton page.

If you require a Zoom license, please complete this Zoom License Request Form

For Zoom classroom support and general help, contact


We are offering a number of online training sessions to help you get started with Zoom. Please visit the EDC’s event page.

Using Zoom

Teaching and Learning Services has created a comprehensive step-by-step guide here.

We’ve created brief tutorial videos on the first few steps of installing and familiarizing yourself with Zoom. You can download the latest version of “Zoom Client for Meetings” here.

Virtual Backgrounds

A collection of Carleton themed virtual backgrounds can be found here: Carleton Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom Security

Check to make sure you are using the latest version of Zoom. The most recent version will give you the most up to date Security features, including in-meeting controls as well as the latest encryption.

It’s important to know that when using Zoom:

  • Any information or files shared through Zoom may not be secure or confidential.
  • Participants may be able to join Zoom meetings without the host’s permission and/or using a false identity.
  • Instructors and Carleton University cannot control any objectionable or offensive content shared by meeting participants.
  • Zoom meetings, including lectures and classroom discussions, might be recorded without the instructor or other participants being aware.


How do I use Zoom on my PC or Mac?
After downloading Zoom, learn how to use the Zoom Desktop Client.

Can I join over the phone instead?
Yes. Simply call any of the numbers listed for your country of origin from this list.

Zoom for mobile devices?
Zoom works on most mobile devices, here are some links:
Zoom for iOS, Zoom for Android, Zoom for Blackberry, Safe driving, Using Siri with Zoom

How do I test if my camera and microphone are working?
Go to

How do Waiting Rooms work?

How do Breakout Rooms work?

Can I pre-assign breakout rooms?
Breakout Rooms can be pre-assigned, though it does have limitations, reference this link:

How to save attendance for a Zoom meeting?
How to Save Attendance for a Zoom Meeting.pdf

What’s the difference between cloud and local storage?
Local storage records internally to your computer’s hard drive space, whereas cloud records externally to Zoom online storage. NOTE: with the licenses currently being given out, we recommend recording internally as there is little to no cloud space available, please reference the link below for more info:

How does the whiteboard feature work?

How does screen sharing work?

For meetings that I schedule, can I sign in early or stay late?
Yes. The meeting DOES NOT automatically start at the designated time or end at the designated end time.

Does Zoom have polling?
Zoom does have a polling option, it can only have a max of 25 options, and you can set it up before your meeting starts, for more info please see this link:

Can I save the chat?
Yes, you can save the chat from a Zoom meeting, please reference the link below:

What is a co-host? Should I use it?
Adding a co-host is a helpful tool for a classroom setting (can be a TA or student). It also allows the participant to handle other Zoom logistics that the main host may not have the time or attention to deal with while teaching. Please reference this link for more details:

Is there a “Mute all” feature?
There is! This is a great tool to have when you have a large meeting or class, see link for more details:

Does the Zoom Pro license include Zoom Webinar features?
No. Zoom Webinar is a paid upgrade to the Pro license which you can learn more about here. Carleton University Event Support (CUES) can host Webinar events for you – contact: Or inquire about purchasing a pro-rated annual license upgrade at Prices vary depending on number of participants.

Visit Zoom’s official support site.

This is your best resource for all things Zoom. Their short modular tutorial videos are setup to allow you to simply focus on the step you’re looking for help with.
Access the full tutorial library here: