Students in the MPNL program are required to complete the Capstone course as one of their final program requirements for their degree.  Alexandra Lamb, a student in our sixth cohort, had the unique opportunity of completing her Capstone in Dublin, Ireland.  Please read about her experience below:

Capstone 2019 – Trinity College, Ireland.
Supervised by Professor Sheila Cannon of Trinity Business School, Dublin and Professor Paloma Raggo, School of Public Policy and Administration, Carleton University

I would like to begin in saying how grateful I am to the entire MPNL program for the invaluable skills and experiences that I have gained and will continue to use in my future endeavours. It is a unique program that offers a flexible and dynamic course load, as well as multiple professional networking opportunities. Experiential learning is a relatively new method of pedagogy in Canadian Post-secondary education; however, Carleton University has devised a way to utilize its full potential while providing world-class education.

The capstone is a project that allows you to expand your knowledge, expertise, and gain new skills surrounding a particular topic or issue. My experience was slightly different from that of my fellow colleagues, in that my capstone was primarily academic and research-based opposed to drafting a professional document for a local organization.

With the support of Professor Paloma Raggo and Professor Susan Phillips, as well as receiving funding from Mitacs, I was able to spend 4 months in Ireland examining the effects of issue-framing and the use of emotive-storytelling within a complex social movement. Our focus was on the 2018 Irish Abortion Referendum and we explored the various events leading up to the policy change regarding the 8th Amendment. This experience opened many doors for me, both personally and professionally, and I am eternally grateful. The research that was submitted as my capstone project is now being considered for publication in the ISTR Journal, in which Prof. Raggo, Prof. Cannon, and I will be presenting at the 14th annual ISTR Conference in Montreal of July, 2020.

I would highly recommend this experience to anyone in the program looking to challenge themselves, gain international connections, and exceed any personal limitations that you have set upon yourself. I will admit, at first it is very daunting; however, it is absolutely, without a doubt, worth every effort.

Alexandra Lamb
MPNL, Sixth Cohort