If your organization is interested in hosting a student completing a professional development practicum, please feel free to contact us.

The Professional Development Practicum (PDP) is an elective course for this program. It is an unpaid placement with a community partner (a philanthropic or nonprofit organization, social enterprise, government department or corporation that works with this sector) that would be approximately 7-10 hours a week for 3 months (1 semester). The PDP gives students a wonderful opportunity for hands on work experience in the non-profit/philanthropic sector. The student would be working on-site in the office on projects that can be of help to the organization and supervised by a person within the organization. It culminates in a 15-20 page analytical paper (or equivalent) to be assessed by your faculty supervisor.

The semester before you wish to undertake a PDP contact the MPNL Graduate Administrator for placement possibilities.   The program has a large database of community partners for internship / capstone opportunities.  In addition,  the students are welcome to suggest an organization to the MPNL Graduate Administrator for consideration.