Fall/Winter 2020-21

Director: Nicole Presentey

The Chamber Ensemble offers a wide range of formations from composers spanning the Baroque to Contemporary eras with a focus on rare music: ensembles ranging from duos to octets will feature standard and unusual instrumental and vocal formations.

Kiara and Simon working remotely for Chamber Music Ensemble

REHEARSAL TIME/LOCATION: The Chamber Ensemble rehearses online on Thursdays beginning January 21st 2021.

Students will present their work in virtual recitals, at the end of each term.

  • Auditions: Monday January 18th, time TBD, via Zoom.
  • Auditions will be 15 minutes long. Students should be prepared to play 2 pieces of contrasting styles with a total duration of not more than 10 minutes for both. A short technical and sight reading test may be held after which there will be a brief interview. Students can play to a backtrack if desired.
  • Interested students should apply to nicole.presentey@carleton.ca, to arrange an audition.
  • Admission to the Carleton University Chamber Ensemble is open to all music students, and to non-music students by permission of the Director, and continuation is determined by enrollment, ability, participation, and attendance. Please note that membership is by audition/appointment only (NB: signing up for the credit does not guarantee a position in the ensemble). If you were in CUCME last year and/or if the Director is familiar with your playing, it is still necessary to contact Nicole Presentey if you are interested in joining for the 2021 season.

Elle working remotely for Chamber Music Ensemble