NOTICE: Thank you for your inquiry. Due to COVID19 concerns, we are currently not able to confirm any bookings until we have procured more information in keeping with Government guidelines. Please check this page for further updates as they progress.

The School for Studies in Art and Culture at Carleton University has a number of Music students, alumni and faculty members who are professional musicians and are available to perform at engagements around the campus as well as the greater Ottawa area.  Please read the information below before proceeding to the Booking Form

Stylistic Preferences:

  • Classical
  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Celtic
  • Other styles are available (if “other,” please describe briefly on the booking form below)

Musicians and Ensembles available:

  • String ensembles (trio, quartet, quintet etc.)
  • Brass and/or wind ensembles and soloists
  • other chamber music ensembles (renaissance, baroque, classical, etc.)
  • Piano soloists
  • Vocalists (with or without accompaniment)
  • Singer-songwriters (piano and/or guitar)
  • Jazz ensembles (duos, trios and larger groups, with or without vocalist)
  • Rock/pop/easy listening/ funk/soul/gospel ensembles
  • Celtic duo or trio
  • African drumming ensembles

Suggested Combo or Soloist Formats Available:

  • string duo
  • string trio
  • string quartet
  • piano soloist
  • piano and flute duo
  • classical guitar soloist
  • classical guitar and flute duo
  • jazz: duo, trio, quartet
  • singer-songwriter soloist
  • pop combo
  • Celtic duo or trio (piano, fiddle, Celtic voice, Celtic harp with optional bass or Uilleann pipes)
  • African drumming ensemble
  • choir

Dress Code required:

  • formal
  • semi-formal
  • business casual
  • casual


Internal on-campus clients (receptions, generally):

  • The School for Studies in Art and Culture will manage remunerating the musicians. Once fees have been finalized, you will be invoiced for the agreed upon fee. Payment will be due within 30 days of the event.
  • Each musician should receive remuneration of $100 for the first hour, and $50 per hour for each subsequent hour (or part thereof). For example, if a trio played for 2.5 hours, they would be paid $200 each for a total of $600 ($100 for the first hour, $50 for the second hour and $50 for the next part of the final hour, x 3 musicians).

External off-campus clients:

  • The rates cited above will be increased when one of more of the following factors are taken into consideration:
    (1) off-campus events usually demand travel time, gas, etc., required to reach the venue, (2) specific requests for musical selections requiring preparation, ordered scores, etc., and (3) additional communication required concerning event logistics and other details. (4) Receptions and Private Concerts are different events, demanding different preparation, time and musical selection, and consequently directly impact on the fee. (5) Off-campus clients will receive a clear quote, prior to the confirmation of the booking, when these factors have been understood and taken into consideration
  • When a booking has been confirmed, please coordinate payment with musicians directly (email addresses will be provided). Payment should normally be delivered to the musicians prior the time of the event.

photos of combos


Other forms (printable PDF files, these are for the Student Performers’ use only):