To initiate the booking process, please download this PDF file: Performance_Booking_Form
After the form has been filled out (to fill in the fields please use Adobe Reader, or Adobe Acrobat; it may also work in Preview on the Apple Mac platform), save it to your local computer, and attach the saved PDF file to an email addressed to Professor James Wright at:

The PDF form contains the following fields for you to fill out. We have included them here as a preview so you may consider this information prior to submitting it.

  • Contact’s Name:
  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number:
  • Event Location:
  • Event Date:
  • Event Time:
  • Event Timeframe (for musicians – from load-in to departure):
  • Dress Code: see below for suggestions
  • Stylistic Preferences: see below for suggestions
  • Preferred Combo or Soloist: see below for suggestions
  • Should Combo include a Vocalist (Yes/No):
  • Other requests or requirements (please specify):


Suggested Dress Codes:

  • formal
  • semi-formal
  • business casual
  • casual

Suggested Stylistic Preferences:

  • classical
  • jazz
  • pop
  • other styles are available (if “other,” please describe briefly, or expand upon your description in the “Other requests or requirements” field)

Suggested Combo or Soloist Formats Available:

  • string duo
  • string trio
  • string quartet
  • piano soloist
  • piano and flute duo
  • classical guitar soloist
  • classical guitar and flute duo
  • jazz duo
  • jazz trio
  • jazz quartet
  • singer-songwriter soloist
  • pop combo
  • African drumming ensemble
  • choir

N.B. other types of instrumental soloists and combos are available.