Photo of Trina Langthorne

Trina Langthorne

Performance Instructor: Popular Voice

I have been in the music business for 40 years and I work closely with several producers and managers in Canada and the U.S. I have successfully developed singers for the music industry for 17 years, maintaining a diverse client base in many different genres. I have scouted talent for labels and producers. Some of my students have been signed to SONY Canada, SONY U.S., are being developed by Simon Cowel, and most recently won the 2nd night of The Launch.

I began my singing career after leaving school in the early 80’s by touring the U.S. In a rock band, I sang lead vocals in a Country band; fronted an Indie Rock band; sang with a 13 piece Jazz/Swing band; sang lead vocals in my own Jazz trio; and sang with a 26 piece orchestra for several years. I draw the self-expression out of each individual. I am results oriented. I always focus on the health of the individuals voice.