B.Sc. Neuroscience and Mental Health (Honours): This is aimed at students interested in potentially pursuing graduate studies, and is most clearly characterized by the honours project completed before graduation. Depending on eligibility requirements and future plans, students may take a workshop, essay or lab-based research thesis for their honours project. In the research thesis, students work in the labs of our faculty and colleagues on an advanced research project.

B.Sc. Neuroscience and Mental Health (20-credit Major): This is designed for students interested in maximizing the breadth of their Neuroscience education, and who are not planning on pursuing M.Sc. or Ph.D. graduate level degrees.

B.Sc. Neuroscience and Mental Health (15-credit General Major): This is designed for students interested in developing a strong understanding in Neuroscience and Mental Health, and who wish to complete their degree in a shorter time-frame.

The Department also offers an unofficial combined honours with the Department of Biology. This means the degree title is officially B.Sc. Neuroscience although there is an equal split of NEUR and BIOL courses, with emphasis on upper-year BIOL courses with labs. Students may choose to complete their honours thesis through the Department of Biology, as opposed to the Department of Neuroscience.


The Minor in Neuroscience is available to students registered in degree programs other than those offered by the Department of Neuroscience. It consists of NEUR 1202, NEUR 1203, NEUR 2201, NEUR 2202, plus 2.0 credits of eligible 3000-level or higher NEUR courses.