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Funding Opportunities There are a few opportunities to receive funding as an undergraduate student, in the form of internships and travel support.
Departmental Academic Advising If your inquiry is not addressed in the links above or below, or you need clarification on what you’ve read, get in touch with the Undergraduate Administrator. We are here to help you navigate things like switching in or out of a NEUR program, course selection, adding a minor and academic concerns and pathways to completion.

Getting Involved

Volunteer Opportunities The more hands-on experience you can get, the better. Whether you are preparing for graduate studies in research, or to enter the workforce, balancing your academic studies with practical applications is beneficial.
Carleton Neuroscience Society The CNS promotes awareness and a sense of place in the Carleton community for those who are interested in neuroscience.
Carleton University Student Association The Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA) is your undergraduate student government, your campus services, your clubs and societies, your student life, your community campaigns, your students’ association. Every Carleton undergraduate student is a member of CUSA and you are encouraged to take advantage of the services, events and programs.
Campus Life Discover the many ways you can get involved on campus using the categories below.

Support Services

Science Student Success Centre The Science Student Success Centre helps all undergraduate students in the Faculty of Science define and achieve their academic, career, and social goals.
Academic Support Services Overview of different support offered by the University, including the highly recommended FITA program.
Financial Services Learn how to fund your experience and build a budget.

Preparing for Final Year and Beyond

NEUR 4900 Independent Study It is possible for NEUR majors to take a 0.5 credit Independent Study to fulfill one of the upper-year course requirements. Follow the link for instructions and application form.
Honours Projects All students in an honours program must complete an honours project. Most of what you need to know can be found on this website, but we also encourage you to set an appointment with the Undergraduate Administrator to ensure you are clear on expectations and application deadlines, particularly for students looking to pursue a NEUR 4908 lab-based research thesis.
Potential Careers / What Next? Click here to explore what you can do with a B.Sc. in the field of Neuroscience.
Where Are They Now? An opportunity to see where some of our undergraduate alumni went after graduation.