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Minor in Neuroscience and Mental Health (4.0 credits)

The Minor in Neuroscience is available to students registered in degree programs other than those offered by the Department of Neuroscience. It consists of NEUR 1202, NEUR 1203, NEUR 2201, NEUR 2202, plus 2.0 credits of eligible 3000-level or higher NEUR courses.

A more detailed view of Neuroscience program requirements can be viewed through the Carleton Calendar.


2.0 Credits from:
[0.5] NEUR 1202 Neuroscience of Mental Health and Psychiatric Disease
[0.5] NEUR 1203 Neuroscience of Mental Health and Neurological Disorder
[0.5] NEUR 2201 Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
[0.5] NEUR 2202 Neurodevelopment and Plasticity

2.0 Credits from:
[0.5] NEUR 3204 Neuropharmacology
[0.5] NEUR 3301 Genetics of Mental Health
[0.5] NEUR 3303 The Neuroscience of Consciousness
[0.5] NEUR 3304 Hormones and Behavior
[0.5] NEUR 3401 Environmental Toxins and Mental Health
[0.5] NEUR 3402 Impact of Lifestyle and Social Interaction on Mental Health
[0.5] NEUR 3403 Stress and Mental Health
[0.5] NEUR 3501 Neurodegeneration and Aging
[0.5] NEUR 3502 Neurodevelopmental Determinants of Mental Health
[0.5] NEUR 4301 Neurobiology of Energy Homeostasis
[0.5] NEUR 4302 Sex and the Brain
[0.5] NEUR 4303 Indigenous Health and Mental Health
[0.5] NEUR 4306 The Neural Basis of Addiction

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