The Practical Certificate in Speechwriting for Public Affairs Professionals

NPSIA-PT&D, in cooperation with the Faculty of Public Affairs, is pleased to host the pilot offering of the Practical Certificate in Speechwriting workshop.  This program is designed for professionals from across government, politics, industry and large institutions who must write speeches and speaking notes as part of their professional responsibilities, but who have not had the chance to study the craft of speechwriting or learn the tools of rhetoric.

Wednesday,  April 22 to Friday, April 24, 2020  

Registration: registration is now open.  Before proceeding please review our cancellation and withdrawal policies here.

To register and pay by credit card (MC / VISA only) or by debt please click here.

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Training Location: Richcraft Hall, Carleton University
Time: 9:00 AM – 4 PM, daily
Program Fee: Early fee: $ 700.00 + HST until March 31, 2020.  $ 800.00 + HST thereafter.
Parking: available on campus

About this workshop:

The objective of this workshop is to introduce the foundational principles of speechwriting to participants over 3-days of intensive learning. These principles include effective research and planning, productive cooperation with speakers and subject matter experts, and adapting one’s writing for the spoken word, rather than the written word. Participants will explore these principals while also focusing on the importance of humour, storytelling, and data, and learn about how these elements make speeches compelling and persuasive.  Finally, participants will examine the role of the speechwriter as an advisor and coach, who assists speakers to become more effective public spokespersons and presenters.

Learning objectives of the workshop:

•  Learn to conduct thorough and in-depth research to develop various types of speeches.

•  Identify and apply a variety of rhetorical techniques, as well as wit, anecdote, and persuasion to add power and memorability to speeches.

•  Understand the most important features of writing for the spoken word, rather than the more common written word.

•  Demonstrate knowledge of public speaking and presentation coaching techniques.

•  Recognize that the best speechwriters are those who remain curious about the world, who find pleasure in reading, and who maintain a rich intellectual life, rather than simply acquiring a particular set of writing skills.

Who should attend:

The Practical Certificate in Speechwriting is ideal for mid-level and senior-level working-professionals who are required to draft or make speeches as part of their professional responsibilities. It is also well-suited to advanced-level undergraduate or graduate students in fields of study that lead to careers involving writing or public speaking, including politics, policy development, science, public relations and communications.

Featuring Elana Aptowitzer

Elana Aptowitzer is Carleton University’s current Federal Public Servant In-Residence. She has developed and taught Canada’s first semester-long, in-depth, practical speechwriting course. She is the Head of Speechwriting at Canada’s Department of National Defence, where she leads the team that develops over 350 speeches per year for the Minister of National Defence, the Chief of the Defence Staff, Deputy Ministers, and a number of other senior officials. She has lectured internationally on the topic of speechwriting and founded the Government of Canada’s first Speechwriters’ Community of Practice.