With support from the Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society (TSAS) Dr. Alex Wilner and PhD student, Casey Babb have been awarded a research grant to undertake a year-long project to assess both the cyber and physical risks facing Canada’s energy sector. Aptly titled “The En-Threat Project: An Assessment of Physical and Cyber Terrorist Threats to Canada’s Energy Sector” this initiative will see Dr. Wilner and Casey traveling throughout Canada and the United States to meet with security officials and energy sector stakeholders, to better understand priority areas of concern, emerging threats, and mitigation strategies being used or considered within the cyber domain. Additionally, to get a more hands-on sense of potential physical vulnerabilities, Dr. Wilner and Casey will travel to and conduct site assessments of some of Canada’s most critical energy infrastructure and assets.

Ultimately, the intent of this research project is to inform Government of Canada officials, owners and operators of energy assets, and energy sector stakeholders of the current threat environment facing the sector, what these threats could mean from a national security perspective, and what steps could, or ought to be taken to ensure Canadians have a well-protected, reliable and resilient energy sector.

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