Episode 152: Her Majesty in Right of Pod — Evaluating the Pandemic Parliament

“Her Majesty in Right of Pod returns to ask: How well has Parliament fared in the pandemic? Stephanie sits down with Phil Lagassé to discuss whether or not the fears expressed in last year’s Ep 122 over the challenges of running a legislature during COVID-19 came true. But there are other issues to discuss as well, especially Parliament’s weak performance in the area of national security. With legislation dying at prorogation, omnibus bills and a slow roll out of reform and change, why is Canada so bad at passing national security legislation? And what might be done about it? But first, Stephanie asks Phil about the state of the Governor General’s office, and what it means to have the Supreme Court Justice acting in a Vice Regent role. (Unfortunately, it turns out Phil is not interested in the role.)”

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