The Ambassadors Speaker Series, which features foreign ambassadors located in Ottawa, was founded in 2004 by Prof. Fen Hampson, currently Chancellor’s Professor and Professor of International Affairs, and former Director of NPSIA.

Annually, four events are held each year, as part of the Ambassadors Speaker Series during each academic year.  Held at Carleton University, these events are organized by Lawrence David Lederman, a former Canadian Diplomat and Ambassador, and they provide an opportunity for Heads of Missions to offer their perspectives on pressing world issues that are of relevance for Canada and beyond.

Heads of Missions from Indonesia, Egypt, Colombia, Brazil, China, Ukraine, Russia, France, Germany, the UK and Japan have spoken at the events in recent years.  The Ambassadors Speaker series has also been successful in attracting media coverage as well as a diverse (and growing) audience made up of diplomats, faculty members, students and members of the Canadian government and private sector.