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Trade and Security Symposium II: Security, Commerce and Foreign Direct Investment in Canada October 1, 2019
88th International Atlantic Economic Conference Ongoing October 17-20, 2019
War Studies Network 1st War Studies Graduate Conference October 28, 2019 January 2020
Thirteenth Global Studies Conference, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada November 4, 2019 June 4-5, 2020
National Association of Hispanic and Latino Studies 28th National Conference – Dallas, Texas November 9, 2019 February 17-22, 2020
Oxford Women’s Leadership Symposium November 15, 2019 December 4-6, 2019
Call for Submissions – Emerging Perspectives: 2020 FPA Graduate Conference November 23, 2019 March 9-10, 2020
Legally Immoral Activity: Testing the Limits of Intelligence Collection  October 15, 2019 February 11-12, 2020
National Questions, International Possibilities: Democratic Revival in an Age of Authoritarian Neoliberalism December 31, 2019 July 15-17, 2020
2020 National Essay Challenge, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) January 6, 2020
Twelfth International Conference on Climate Change: Impacts & Responses January 16, 2020 April 16-17, 2020
Canadian Foreign Policy Journal Ongoing

Legally Immoral Activity: Testing the Limits of Intelligence Collection
Conference Date: February 11-12, 2020
Deadline to submit papers: October 15, 2019
Are there limits to intelligence collection in support of national security? Where, if at all, does a free and open society provide the limits of surveillance with civil liberties? Civil liberties are a founding tenet of democracy, but at what cost? How does a country balance collective security with individual rights? Recently, a Federal Court ordered Apple to help the FBI unlock the cellphone of a terrorist, but company officials would oppose that order, citing concerns over the privacy rights of all Americans.

This 2-day inter-disciplinary conference at The Citadel, Charleston, South Carolina, will examine the legal, ethical, social, economic, historical and political aspects of the United States government’s ability to protect its citizens in an era that warfare has no societal or personal boundaries.

Call for paper presentations, workshops/interactive sessions, and posters/exhibits are welcome.  The conference will be held February 11-12, 2020 on the campus of The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina. Deadline for proposals and abstracts must be received by October 15, 2019.

Inquires and Submissions should be sent to Dr. Jan Goldman, Department of Intelligence and Security Studies Email: mailto:jgoldma1@citadel.edu.


2020 National Essay Challenge, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) 
Expression of Interest Date: January 6, 2020
Access to Statistics Canada Research Data Centres: November 6, 2019

The Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is launching the 2020 National Essay Challenge (NEC) to support emerging scholars across Canadian universities in policy-relevant research. The NEC is designed to generate evidence-based insights on IRCC policies. It encourages graduate students to learn more about immigration research and policy, and it raises awareness about the availability of data and supporting resources.

The NEC is open to all disciplines and welcomes empirical research papers related to IRCC’s mandate using qualitative or quantitative methodologies. Graduate students with selected essays will be invited to present their research to policy makers in Ottawa (with travel paid) and will receive $500 towards attendance at an academic conference of their choice.

For more information about the NEC and to join the 2020 NEC GCcollab group, please email (IRCC.NEC-CNE.IRCC@cic.gc.ca).