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CAN 1989 Canada Among Nations, 1989: The Challenge of Change
Edited by Maureen Appel Molot and Fen Osler Hampson
This is the sixth volume on Canada in international affairs produced by The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University. As in the past the book is organized around the most recent calendar year and contains an analysis and assessment of Canadian foreign policies as well as the environment that constrains and shapes them. Our intention is to contribute to the continuing debate about appropriate policy choices for Canada. The theme of the 1989 edition is “the challenge of change.” Contributors examine many of the very significant events of this past year—among them the changes in the Communist world, in the global economy, in Southern Africa and Central America—and the Canadian responses to them.
Paper 9780886291068
Cloth 9780886291129
CAN 1988 Canada Among Nations 1988: The Tory Record
Edited by Biran Tomlin and Maureen Appel Molot
The 1988 edition of Canada Among Nations closely scrutinizes the legislative record of the Conservative government of Brian Mulroney during its first term. In the area of foreign policy, the Mulroney Conservative government had a lot on its plate during its first term of office–free trade with the United States, Arctic sovereignty, the continuing problems of South African apartheid and Third World development, to cite only a few examples. Balanced and comprehensive, the book covers everything from Soviet glasnost to declining U.S. hegemony, from the future of the Canada-U.S. relationship to the government’s abandoned plans for nuclear-powered submarines. Canada Among Nations is both an analysis of international developments in 1988 and an assessment of the Conservative government’s record in the foreign-policy arena.
ISBN-10: 1550281976
ISBN-13: 978-1550281972
CAN 1987 Canada Among Nations 1987: A World of Conflict  
Edited by Maureen Appel Molot and Brian Tomlin
Canada Among Nations 1987–the fourth in a series of annual reviews of Canadian foreign policy–focuses on the problem of international conflict. Comprehensive and incisive, the book ranges widely over that year’s foreign policy developments, covering such subjects as East-West relations in the era of incipient glasnost, the ongoing carnage of the Iran-Iraq war, the campaign against South African apartheid and the Contra-Sandinista struggle in Nicaragua. Canada Among Nations 1987 presents a thorough review of the Mulroney Conservative government’s performance on the international stage at a time of quickening change.
ISBN-10: 1550280457
ISBN-13: 978-1550280456 
CAN 1986 Canada Among Nations 1986: Talking Trade
Edited by Biran Tomlin and Maureen Appel Molot
The 1986 edition of Canada Among Nations chronicles the momentous, ongoing debates concerning free trade negotiations with the United States. From the start, the free trade talks were bedevilled by a flurry of protectionist moves in the U.S., the most inflammatory involving a proposed duty on Canadian softwood lumber. In the face of American belligerence, the Mulroney government appeared indecisive–on the lumber issue it insisted that it would neither negotiate nor impose an export tax, and then did both. In addition to free trade, Canada Among Nations treats issues including Canada’s foreign policy, its economic situation, relations with the third world, and response to contemporary arms-control proposals.
ISBN-10: 0888628609
ISBN-13: 978-0888628602
CAN 1985 Canada Among Nations 1985: The Conservative Agenda
Edited by Maureen Appel Molot and Brian Tomlin 
 The 1985 edition of Canada Among Nations examines the reshaping of Canadian foreign policy that characterized the Mulroney Conservative government’s first full year in power.
Initially the new government’s handling of foreign policy was marred by indecision and internal tension. By the end of 1985, however, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s ad hoc interventions on foreign affairs had ceased, and the move to a more formal decision-making process accompanied a rise in the influence of External Affairs Minister Joe Clark.
This edition of Canada Among Nations analyses the Mulroney government’s agenda-setting experience from a range of perspectives: international security, the economy, relations with the Third World and the federal policy-making process.
ISBN-10: 0888629389
ISBN-13: 978-0888629388 
CAN 1984 Canada Among Nations 1984: A Time of Transition
Edited by Biran Tomlin and Maureen Appel Molot
 The 1984 edition of Canada Among Nations examines Canada’s changing foreign policy during the period of transition between the Trudeau Liberal and Mulroney Conservative governments.
This volume includes overviews for 1984 on the global economy, arms control, Third World development and foreign policy. These are supplemented by a chronology of major events and a statistical portrait of economic trends. In this unique annual review, experts on Canada’s international relations explain the trends submerged beneath the flow of daily events.
ISBN-10: 0888627963
ISBN-13: 978-0888627964