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CAN 1999 Canada Among Nations, 1999: A Big League Player?  
Fen Osler Hampson; Michael Hart; Martin Rudner
A Big League Player? is the fifteenth volume in the Canada Among Nations series published by The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs. The coming of the millennium provides a convenient occasion to review Canada’s performance in key areas of international relations and to contemplate future challenges to which foreign policy will be called upon to respond.
ISBN Paper-10: 0195414586
ISBN Cloth-13: 978-0195414585
CAN 1998 Canada Among Nations 1998: Leadership and Dialogue Edited by Fen Osler Hampson, Maureen Appel Molot
What became known as ‘the Ottawa Process’ is one of the important foreign policy issues that constitute the subject matter of this book. Others include the expansion of NATO, the negotiations over the Multilateral Agreement on Investment, the Canadian military in the aftermath of the Somalia affairs, and Canada’s indecisive stance at the Kyoto Conference on Climate Change. All of the chapters address the theme of leadership and dialogue as factors in the formulation and implementation of Canadian foreign policy.
ISBN Paper-10: 0195414063
ISBN Cloth-13: 978-0195414066
CAN 1997 Canada Among Nations 1997: Asia Pacific Face-Off 
Edited by Fen Osler Hampson, Maureen Appel Molot and Martin  Rudner
Asia Pacific Face-Off is the thirteenth in the Canada Among Nations series published by The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs. In recognition of the government’s designation of 1997 as Canada’s Year of Asia Pacific, the volume focuses on aspects of Canada’s relations with the countries in this region. During 1997 Canada will host the annual Leaders Meeting of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum and a number of apec ministerial meetings. As many of our contributors suggest, Canada has not yet acquired much of a presence in the Asia Pacific region, and we have some distance to go before our status as an Asia Pacific nation is taken seriously by our APEC partners. The high profile of Team Canada missions should not be mistakenly interpreted as evidence of concerted Canadian policy with respect to Asia Pacific. In terms of educational or economic linkages with the countries of APEC, Canada could take lessons from Australia, a country whose policies our authors compare with Canada’s
ISBN-Paper 9780886293277
CAN 1996  Canada Among Nations 1996: Big Enough to Be Heard
Edited by Fen Osler Hampson and
Maureen Appel Molot
Canada is a relatively small player on the world scene, but is still big enough to be heard. The theme of this year’s volume of Canada Among Nations is the need for choices in Canadian foreign policy. In an environment of fiscal constraint, the necessity of choice is related to establishing priorities within the multitude of international organizations to which Canada belongs. If we can no longer afford to be a member of a large number of international institutions, which memberships will we uphold and on what grounds will we decide? These questions and others are addressed from a variety of standpoints. As in the past, each article in Canada Among Nations is a free-standing contribution. Contributors have their own distinctive viewpoints and perspectives on where Canada stands in the community of nations and where the country’s foreign policy priorities should lie.
ISBN-Paper 9780886292829
 CAN 1995 Canada Among Nations 1995: Democracy and Foreign Policy
Edited by Maxwell A. Cameron and Maureen Appel Molot 
Much of the recent public debate about Canada’s foreign policy has focused on issues of resources and management of Canada-U.S. relations. Groups such as Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute and the Public Policy Forum have issued reports calling for an increase in defence spending, a comprehensive review of foreign policy, and a concentration on Canada-U.S. relations. Prime Minister Paul Martin has moved swiftly to restructure the foreign policy machinery of government.
ISBN Paper-10: 0-88629-260-3
ISBN Cloth -13: 0-88629-261-1
CAN 1994 Canada Among Nations 1994: A Part of the Peace
Edited by Maureen Appel Molot and Harald von Riekhoff
A Part of the Peace addresses three areas in international affairs which are of particular concern to Canadian foreign policy makers: multilateralism, regionalism and peacekeeping. The authors consider Canada’s involvement within various multilateral institutions, in particular the United Nations and the GATT. The five essays in ‘Disengagement From Regionalism’ trace developments within Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific, as enthusiasm for regional integration ebbs and flows.
ISBN-Paper 9780886292270
ISBN-Cloth 9780886292263
CAN 1993 Canada Among Nations 1993: Global Jeopardy
Edited by Fen Osler Hampson and Christopher J. Maule
Global jeopardy is the title of this year’s volume of Canada Among Nations. As in the TV game show, the problem that confronts Canadian foreign policy decision-makers is not that there is a shortage of answers. Rather it is a matter of asking the right question. The question, as we see it, is how should Canada address the mounting challenges of global competition and new threats, such as those presented by the environment and refugees, at a time of shrinking fiscal resources and continuing political uncertainty at home?
ISBN-Paper 9780886292034
ISBN-Cloth 9780886292027
CAN 1992 Canada Among Nations 1992-1993: A New World Order?
Edited by Fen Osler Hampson and Christopher J. Maule
Addressing the important legacy of the departing minister of foreign affairs Lloyd Axworthy, this book explores one of the most influential men in recent years, in part because of his instrumental role in the creation of the Land Mines treaty. The volume is divided into two parts: the first section assess Axworthy’s foreign policy legacy; the second looks to a new and emerging set of issues for the future.
ISBN-Paper 9780886291679
CAN 1990  Canada Among Nations 1990-1991: After the Cold War
Edited by Fen Osler Hampson and Christopher J. Maule
This is the seventh volume on Canada in international affairs produced by The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University .As in the past, the book is organized around the most recent calendar year and contains an analysis and assessment of Canadian foreign policies as well as the environment that constrains and shapes them. Our intention is to contribute to the continuing debate about appropriate policy choices for Canada.
ISBN-Paper 9780886291440
ISBN-Cloth 9780886291457