Exchange Programs

There are a number of ways in which exchange programs with other universities, and outreach activities with various agencies and institutions in Canada and abroad, can be of benefit to students at NPSIA.

Faculty exchange and joint research are administered through the International Student Services Office.

Students who are interested in participating in an exchange program must contact the School’s Associate Director for approval prior to participating in the program.

In order to participate in the exchange programs, students must successfully complete two terms of full time study, including the following core course requirements of the program:

  • INAF 5011, 5012, 5013, 5014
  • Field economics requirement
  • Field course requirement

*Important* Students participating in courses at other institutions (national and international), which are not part of the NPSIA or Carleton exchange programs, must have these courses approved by the School’s Associate Director. Courses obtained through other institutions will not be credited to your degree program without prior approval from the Associate Director.