Photo of Rita Houkayem

Rita Houkayem

Student Testimonial

MA International Affairs (2017)

Senior Policy Analyst, Global Affairs Canada

What I enjoyed most about NPSIA were the opportunities to forge valuable relationships with my professors, my peers and the community. Whether it was through my involvement in the NPSIA Student Association or my exchange semester at SciencesPo Paris, or even the networking events and NPSIA parties, being in a circle of like-minded people who are passionate about global change and human rights was the highlight of my NPSIA years.

In my current job position at Global Affairs Canada , I am a Gender Equality Specialist in International Development. I am responsible for strengthening the integration of gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls into our programming by providing technical expertise, support and advice to staff and civil societies throughout the project cycle. Some of my future goals are to represent Canada abroad, to be on the ground and support international development programs in the most vulnerable regions of the world, to continue to work on eliminating the inequality gap in the most impactful way possible. The rest will be up to God.

My studies at NPSIA helped get me where I am today by exposing me to a wealth of knowledge shared by experienced, passionate, world-class professors, by building relationships with brilliant students, professors and community leaders that have given me valuable guidance into my career path, and by giving me a foot into the door of the Government of Canada through NPSIA’s Co-op program.

NPSIA offers the opportunity to be surrounded by a cohort who will one day be our nation’s future leaders, ministers, directors and global change-makers. It is so inspiring to be surrounded by a circle of people that are dedicating their lives every day to improve the state of our country and the world! NPSIA was one of the biggest investments in myself and I recommend this program to anyone that is seeking to shape a positive future for the current and future generations.