Below please find guidelines and forms for use by registered NPSIA M.A. students.

Program Options/Notice of Intent Form

How to complete my MA program
Program Completion Guide
This form must be completed by January 31
Program Completion Form

Course Work Option

Students completing the M.A. Program via the Course Work option will be required to complete 5 full credits. After successful completion of 5 full credits, students will apply to Graduate through Carleton Central.

INAF 5908/5909

The MA Research Essay/Thesis Process  When You Are Ready to Defend
INAF5908/5909 Degree by Research Essay or Thesis Option Procedures for the Research Essay or Thesis Defence
Responsibilities of Supervisory Team Research Essay/Thesis Submission Dates
INAF5908/5909 Research Proposal Template
Due March 1
NAF5908/5909 Authorization for Defence
  INAF5908/5909 Approved Correction Form
INAF 5908/5909 Request for Oral Defence of Research Essay/Thesis
Licence to the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs
Thesis Information and Forms

What You Need To Know

Formatting for Research Essay/Thesis:

The Resource Centre can provide information on formatting of a research essay or thesis. Please contact the Coordinator, Gen Mclean, for information or questions regarding formatting styles.

Research Essay and Thesis Binding Instructions:

It is mandatory that students provide NPSIA with the appropriate number of copies of their final defended, corrected and approved research essay/thesis, for binding. Final Grades are processed only after the final defended, corrected and approved research essay/thesis has been submitted for binding.

The appropriate copy paper must be used for binding purposes. An acid free or low acid paper with rag content will provide the maximum strength, durability and permanence required for the binding of your research essay or thesis. The copy paper used must be a No. 2 grade, 10m size, 8 1/2″ X 11″ paper (or the metric equivalent), and the copy paper must have a rag content of approximately 25% (Colonial Bond copy paper has been tested and found to be acid free, and to have a neutral pH). Paper of this quality will have the required opacity to prevent type from the following page showing through when filmed.

It is recommended that theses copies be duplicated by the university’s Graphic Services Department. The cost of all duplication is to be the responsibility of the student. Cost of duplication is approximately $50.00.

  • Research Essays – 3 copies are required.
  • Thesis -2 copies are required.
  • Additional copies to be bound may be submitted at a cost of $15.00 for each additional copy.

Note: Bound copies will not be released until degree has been conferred.