The Ombudsperson is available. Please use the Contact Us form.

Carleton is available to support students connecting to what they need for completing courses online.

Where can I get help?

Follow this link for a directory of Carleton’s services available for support:

Students can email for online course support and accessing resources.

Students can also contact Ombuds Services using Contact Us and the Ombudsperson will assist you.

Resources for Students Learning Online

Enroll in the Online Student Success Module, which is a short cuLearn module that goes through the nuts and bolts of learning online.

Are you having difficulty transitioning into your new online classroom? Want to maximize your academic success? Carleton University’s Teaching and Learning Services has crafted a list of their top tips.

COVID-19 Student Resources

The Office of Student Affairs has prepared a guide to help students access resources to support their needs, such as emergency funds, federal support programs, technical assistance, and food security.