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"Able To" campaign banner depicting a man and woman chatting in a work environment with the following text - hashtag Able To - Make inclusion inclusive. Website address - Able To dot CA. Showing logos for Carleton University, La Sit-Tay, Algonquin, University of Ottawa, Province of Ontario


The Onley Initiative has recently launched a media campaign that is a movement to lead employers toward accessible hiring practices and a diverse workforce. The #AbleTo campaign is about closing the employment gap and helping every student and graduate find meaningful work. It’s about strengthening local businesses while supporting students and graduates with disabilities. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s good for our community and good for local businesses who are currently struggling to find and retain the talent they need. So join us—as we work to weave disability awareness and inclusiveness into the fabric of employment in our city. We are #AbleTo.

Join the movement by visiting the campaign website at