Tools to take action

Want to make your workplace more inclusive and engage with new talent? Below are some helpful tools and resources to get you started. You can also sign up for the latest tips, tools and best practices, here.

Able to bust myths and find talent

Some organizations in Canada have worked hard to develop helpful tools that can support employers in building more inclusive workplaces while strengthening their businesses. Employers can find new pools of qualified candidates by considering students and graduates with disabilities in their recruitment efforts and helping them start down pathways to meaningful employment.

The Conference Board of Canada’s Employers’ Toolkit contains a large collection of insights, tools and tactics to help employers make their workplaces more inclusive.

The Mental Health Commission of Canada’s business case for hiring aspiring workers who are living with a mental illness gives employers strategies and practices to recruit and retain these people.

Rethinking Disability in the Private Sector is the report of the Panel on Labour Market Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities. It provides a mix of overarching and specific considerations for employers who want to create more inclusive and accessible workplaces.

The Why Hire People with Disabilities report supplies employers with practical ideas and guidelines to hire people with disabilities, a business case for doing so, tools to train persons with disabilities, strategies to create inclusive workplaces, and guides to accommodate persons with disabilities in workplaces.

The 25-page Business Benefits of Accessible Workplaces report offers a comprehensive business case in support of accessible workplaces. The report focuses on the business benefits of accessibility by outlining various returns that organizations can gain when investing in accessible employment practices for people with disabilities.

The SenseAbility website’s quick facts and key concepts pages offer useful tools for employers to communicate information about disability and employment effectively. SenseAbility is Canada’s only national, bilingual business network dedicated to helping all organizations become more accessible for and inclusive of people with disabilities.