We focus on achieving the following long-term results:

Help students achieve employment and career success.

We will develop programs and sponsor research that lead to greater employment success for students and graduates with disabilities while helping employers make inclusive changes that also benefit their businesses.

Increase support for students.

We will provide steadily increasing assistance to students with disabilities as they move down pathways to employment and career success. We will supply this support in collaboration with disability-service and career offices at Carleton University, University of Ottawa, La Cité and Algonquin College.

Spread knowledge widely.

We will share our knowledge, resources, research findings, best practices and evidence-based tools with employers and post-secondary institutions throughout the province.

Be a trusted partner.

We will work and actively engage with employers, agencies, secondary schools and post-secondary institutions to build knowledge, spread our message and close the employment gap between students with disabilities and their peers without disabilities.

Raise public awareness.

We will engage with employers directly and equip them with the knowledge and tools to make real change in their recruitment and hiring practices. We will also make it possible for people to gain a greater understanding of the myths and other barriers that prevent students with disabilities from moving down pathways to meaningful employment.

Remain relevant.

We will create our programs, services, research activities, funding strategies and performance-measurement tools such that they can survive and thrive beyond the life of our initiative.

A project of Carleton’s READ Initiative (Research, Education, Accessibility and Design)