Whether you’ve taken an online course before or not, our Online Student Success Module is for you. This is a short cuLearn module that goes through the nuts and bolts of learning online to give you every advantage of starting strong and staying resilient in your online courses.

The module covers the main features, benefits and challenges of online learning and explores various tips, including how to effectively manage your time, how to optimize your learning space, how to interact and engage online, and where to seek additional supports.

There are six short lessons and testimonials from Carleton students, who share their best practices for learning online. Along the way, your comprehension is tested with self-check questions. There is a feedback survey at the end. We suggest that you go through each of the lessons and then take the survey.

This experience is completely online and will likely take you about an hour to complete.


You can register for the module on cuLearn. Once you login to cuLearn using your MC1 credentials, click enroll.

Online Student Success Webinar

The Centre for Student Academic Support (CSAS) and Carleton Online are hosting one-hour webinars on tips and resources to help you succeed in your summer online course. The webinars will showcase our Online Student Success Module and will give you an opportunity to ask your questions about online learning. Visit our webinar page to register.