Cheryl Harasymchuk

Dr. Cheryl Harasymchuk

Associate Editor at Journal of Social and Personal Relationships

Chair of the Social and Personality section of the Canadian Psychological Association

Secretary of the International Association for Relationship Research

Dr. Cheryl Harasymchuk is the lead researcher of the PAIR lab and is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at Carleton University. Dr. Harasymchuk’s research focuses on how people maintain satisfying relationships over time. One current line of research centers on ways to maintain excitement, growth and personal development in intimate relationships and reduce relational boredom. Another line of research focuses on friendship maintenance in the face of life transitions.

Current Lab Members

Graduate Students

Research Affiliates


Beverley Fehr
Beverley Fehr, Professor,
The University of Winnipeg,
Department of Psychology

Emily Impett, Professor,
University of Toronto Mississauga,
Department of Psychology

Amy Muise, Associate Professor,
York University,
Department of Psychology

Johanna Peetz, Professor,
Carleton University,
Department of Psychology

Nassim Tabri, Associate Professor,
Carleton University,
Department of Psychology


Graduate Students

Shamarukh Chowdhury
Tia Carpino
Marcus Hebert
Hannah Brazeau
Chloe Jones
Chantal Bacev-Giles
Alexandra Skutovich
Deanna Walker
Johanna Boettcher
Janelle Lebreton

Undergraduate Students

Natasha Chander
Harley Purcell
Cinotti Ballarte
Ahmed Kataite
Aiden McCooeye
Justin Shimizu
Marta Kolbuszewska
Renee St Jean
Lydie Masengo
Emily Davison
Arianna Daminato
Chelsea Medland
Adrienne Paynter
Liezel Ponce
Brittany Kok
Emily Carley
Konstantinos Zaphiropoulos
Rachelle Watson
Cheryl Peplinskie
Kelsey St. Dennis
Andrea Saunders
Vanessa Waddell
Sandra DiNardo
Kathryn Harrison
Amanda Abu-Janb
Rebecca Butler
Amanda Stillar