A new study

Initiated by the Muttart Foundation and Max Bell Foundation and led by a research team at Carleton University, a new report considers options for stronger cross-sector policy leadership. The research team welcomes comments and ideas about how Canada’s charitable and nonprofit sector can be more engaged in public policy.

Conversations on Policy Leadership for Canada’s Charitable and Nonprofit Sector, Interview Results, by Susan Phillips, Christopher Dougherty and Hannah Van Hofwegen, presents responses from 41 nonprofit leaders and considers how the sector could have a greater impact on public policy so as to produce better outcomes for the communities the sector serves.

Housed in the Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership Program, at Carleton, the study stems from a conviction that the sector could be more effective if it were more coordinated, more visible and more skilled in public policy advocacy.

The report is the second part of an ongoing conversation

The first study, Enhancing policy leadership for Canada’s charitable and nonprofit sector, A conversation starter (Nov. 2021), analyzed the literature on infrastructure organizations and leadership mechanisms.

The second study, “Conversations on Policy Leadership,” presents interviews from nonprofit leaders across Canada (and some internationally), asking them: is a new leadership mechanism needed and, if so, what are the preferred options for its structure and operations? These discussions weren’t framed as criticisms of existing organizations or networks. Rather, the authors sought to understand how to better position the sector in an environment involving wicked problems and a pressing need for systemic change.

How a new mechanism is formed, and who leads the process, will affect the sector’s legitimacy and the willingness of others to participate. Some means of bringing together and animating collaboration among a variety of leaders and organizations is required, perhaps as an initial discussion, conference or forum.

The study team welcomes feedback

The team will collate comments to produce a supplement that will include suggestions and critiques without attribution. Please email comments and ideas before December 15 to sectorleadershipproject@cunet.carleton.ca. All contributions will be treated confidentially, without identifying individuals or organizations.

Banner photo of Parliament is courtesy of Shubham Sharan.

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