University life can be demanding and at times overwhelming. Students often face personal pressures in addition to the usual stresses of university life. New students may be away from home for the first time and may find they are homesick and miss the close support of their family and friends. International students may find it challenging to adjust to a new culture. Mature students may find it difficult to balance work and personal responsibilities. Some students may be dealing with disabilities or physical or mental health illnesses.

Carleton University students have access to Health & Counselling Services, who provide free counselling and mental health support and information to students. While it is always preferable for your son or daughter to take the initiative to seek help, some students find it very difficult to take this first step.  If your child is willing, you can help by calling the service and arranging an appointment for him or her. It is a good idea to let the service know that your child is aware that you are calling and is willing to be seen.

It is important to be aware that students have the right to refuse help unless it is an urgent situation where there is reason to believe that there is significant risk of physical harm to the student or others.  In these cases, the Department of University Safety becomes involved and immediate action is taken to assess and respond to the situation.

To find out more about release of information and student privacy/confidentiality, please click here.