Beginning in May 2013, any staff or student applying for/renewing a Special parking permit on campus will require a Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Accessible Parking Permit (APP) to receive this special parking allocation.

Parking permit holders who have special needs for a definite period of time must provide a medical note (defining the need/not medical condition) to Parking Services, in order to be accommodated (offered parking options) closer to their work location.

Please note that a temporary accessible parking permit allows for closer parking options on campus for a duration of up to three months. If accessible parking is required for a period exceeding three months, a MTO APP is required as part of the Special permit parking application to Parking Services.

Please note, the MTO Accessible Parking Permit does not provide for free parking on campus –  the APP permit simply allows permit holders the priviledge of closer parking in these designated spaces. APP permit holders must still purchase a Special permit or pay meter rates while parked on campus.