Carleton University parking/traffic fines must be paid at Parking Services within thirty (30) days, as outlined on the reverse side of the offence notice. An early payment discount may apply if the parking fine is paid within seven (7) days of ticket issue date.

After creating your account via the Register OnLine link or accessing your existing ParkAdmin user profile, payment can be processed:

  • securely on-line by submitting your Campus Card, Debit Card (Interac), or credit card (VISA/ MasterCard only), or
  • by attending or mailing your cheque or money order to the Parking Services office after selecting your payment option and obtaining a reference number online from ParkAdmin. Please make your cheque payable to Carleton University and mail it to Parking Services. Do not mail cash payments to Parking Services.

In cases where an appeal is registered against the violation and where the Appeals Officer renders a decision for a reduced or upheld fine, payment must be satisfied within fifteen (15) days post response/decision.

Failure to pay fines may result in the outstanding charges being billed to student accounts in the Business Office (students) and/or submission for collection by Payroll deduction through Human Resources (staff/faculty). Repeat offenders — two (2) or more outstanding violations — where the user is unknown, will be queried for plate owner information through the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) or other authorized requester sources. Failure to settle parking fines through internal methods will result in overdue accounts being turned over to external collection agencies for recovery. The collections agencies currently contracted by Parking Services for overdue accounts (outstanding fines/violations) are D&A Group Services, Gatestone & Co., Inc., and RecoverCorp.

In the event that parking fines remain outstanding at the time of annual parking permit renewal, permit applications will not be processed by Parking Services until full payment has been satisfied by the permit holder.