Locker Rental Information

Locker rentals at Carleton University are managed and administered through Parking Services. Lockers are available for rental in various tunnel locations throughout the university campus. Locker rentals are available to any current-registered, student, staff, or faculty member on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please follow these steps to rent a locker:

  1. Create an account/log in at
  2. Click on the “Lockers” tab at the top of the screen
  3. Select locker location, as well as a specific locker number.
  4. Follow prompts to complete payment.
  5. Once payment is processed, the renter can begin using the locker once the rental period begins (September 1st for the Fall, May 15th for the Summer)

Please note: Unoccupied banks of lockers are secured with plastic ties by Parking Services once cleaned to prevent unauthorized use, as well as to prevent damage and vandalism to any vacant lockers. Lockers must be registered/rented on-line via ParkAdmin and rental fees remitted to Parking Services prior to the removal of the plastic tie by the authorized renter.

Locker Rental Fees

Academic Year (September 1 – April 30): $60

Summer (May 15 – August 15): $30

Locker Use Policies

  • Lockers and any associated use thereof is assumed solely at the risk of the individual user. Parking Services assumes no liability for lost, stolen or damaged property and recommends that all lockers only be used for short-term storage when secured with a high-quality padlock.
  • Persons who occupy a locker without valid authorization are subject to a $50 fine, plus the removal of locker contents.
  • Parking Services will not be held liable for the replacement/cost of replacement of cut locks where unauthorized persons have occupied lockers maintained and administered by Parking Services. Contents will be disposed of as per university policy by Parking Services if unclaimed within 30 days.
  • Should any renter request the assistance of Parking Services to remove their lock, Parking Services may levy a $10 charge for this service.
  • Persons renting lockers from Parking Services must vacate and remove all contents at the end of the rental period.
  • Lockers remaining occupied after the end of any of these rental periods will be opened and contents will be removed by Parking Services
  • Any items not removed will be disposed of as per university policy. Parking Services will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen items stored in on-campus lockers.
  • Parking Services does not store any locker contents: once removed from rented lockers — please ensure that your possessions are removed promptly.