Student Payment Options

Students may pay for parking permits and parking fines online using Debit (Interac), VISA, MasterCard, or CU Campus Card. Cash and cheque/money order payments are accepted in person at the Parking Services Office. Cheques and money orders may be mailed to the Parking Services and must be received within 10 days of parking permit selection. Past-due parking fines will be applied against student accounts in the Business Office and may result in a hold being placed on the release of transcripts/eligibility to graduate. Those parking fines issued after April 15 and having missed the final upload to student accounts in the Business Office will be placed on the student’s ParkAdmin account for payment with future purchases and/or forwarded to collections – Gatestone & Co. and D&A Group Services are contracted collection agents for Carleton University.

Note: Any student living in a residence building must purchase a permit in one of the parking garages – this is to ensure that overnight parking restrictions can be enforced and snow removal operations are not impeded on campus from Nov. 15 to April 15. Resident student status will be verified with Housing and Conference Services records so please ensure that if you are staying in Residence that you purchase a garage parking permit – towing charges will not be refunded if your vehicle is moved for snow removal operations.

Faculty/Staff Payment by Payroll Deduction

Faculty and Staff Members wishing to register and purchase a parking permit will not able to select their own parking permits in ParkAdmin. After creating a profile online and entering current vehicle information, new/returning employees should then contact Parking Services to determine current availability, selection, and price options. The Staff/Faculty Member parking rates are calculated on a yearly basis from May 1st to April 30th . Prices are pro-rated on a decrementing monthly basis after June 1st.

Full Time/Continuing Faculty and Staff Members must pay for parking permits by payroll deduction. When paying by payroll deduction, the annual cost of the parking permit is divided into equal and regular bi-monthly deductions. This amount is then applied against each pay cheque and is remitted to Parking Services by Human Resources. This is a care-free way to pay for parking permits and no interest fees/rates are required to participate in this program.

Contract, Term or Casual Employees purchasing permits on campus may not be eligible for payment by payroll deduction and will be required to make alternative payments for yearly permits. Payment methods accepted by Parking Services are: Cash, Cheque/Money Order, Debit (Interac), VISA, and MasterCard.

It is your responsibility to notify Parking Services when your permit is no longer required (i.e.: when going on Sabbatical or when leaving the employ of the University (retirement) so that payroll deductions can be discontinued and permits re-issued to those on the *waiting list.

*The waiting list for staff and faculty can be accessed by:

i)        Choosing the (P)arking tab on your profile. This will then provide you (the user) with an access a list of all parking allocation areas on campus.

ii)      After agreeing to the Confidentiality Statement, choose Register or Apply for Waiting List for Standard Parking Permit.

iii)     Choose the W beside any parking lot listing – you will be prompted to choose whether you wish to be added to the waiting list for this parking lot. Please bear in mind that you can only remain registered on one lot waiting list at any one time – multiple lot wish lists are not maintained by Parking Services.

iv)     To access your ranking on the Waiting List, choose the link at the bottom of the Waiting List webpage entitled: Check your rank on the Waiting List.