Parking Services is committed to providing special needs/disability parking accommodation for students, staff, faculty, and visitors to Carleton University. Parking Services regularly monitors the allocation, demand and usage of disability parking spaces and special permit programs available to persons with disabilities. Campus Safety Officers and Student Safety Patrollers are proactive in targeting violators to ensure that accessible parking is reserved for legitimate users.

Space allocation for parking is continually assessed throughout each academic year and Parking Services monitors demand at specific intervals to determine whether additional disability parking spaces are required. Carleton University Parking Services continues to exceed the “pro rata” disability space requirements as advocated by the City of Ottawa for private property parking areas.

Persons with special needs requiring temporary accommodation for disability parking must self-identify to staff in the Parking Services Office. Parking Services does not maintain any files or medical records for applicants applying for special permits/parking arrangements on campus. Instead, Parking Services addresses requests based on referrals from Human Resources, Equity Services, and the Paul Menton Centre (PMC) for staff/faculty and student special needs. Those persons needing special parking arrangements are assessed based on degree of mobility and physical handicap to determine whether a designated space or zone class special permit is required.

Parking permit holders who demonstrate special needs because of temporary reduced mobility must have a referral in order for the Parking Services Office to accommodate them with a more convenient parking spot. Please note that the referral gives access to a temporary parking permit for a limited period of time. If this allocated time period is not adequate in regards to the permit holder’s needs, the student or staff/faculty must obtain an Accessible Parking Permit (APP) from a provincial transportation authority (i.e.: ServiceOntario).

Special Permits

Within the Province of Ontario, both physically disabled drivers and physically disabled passengers who have a valid Accessible Parking Permit (APP) are entitled to special parking privileges in public parking areas and on public roadways. These parking privileges do not apply to off-street parking facilities such as those at government buildings and private institutions (i.e.: Carleton University). At Carleton University, APP permit holders are required to pay the same parking fee as charged to other parking lot users on campus.

Members of the Carleton University community who have a permanent or temporary handicap/disability and who also possess an Accessible Parking Permit (APP) may purchase a Special Permit from Parking Services. This permit, when used in conjunction with the APP, allows permit holders to park in designated handicapped parking areas and visitor parking areas on campus without having to pay hourly/daily metered rates.


  • Permit holders cannot stop in school bus loading zones, taxi zones, fire routes, or police/Safety vehicle zones.
  • Permit holders are subject to all other Traffic and Parking ByLaw provisions such as the prohibition of blocking driveways, parking in front of fire hydrants, and parking within nine meters of an intersection.
  • Vehicles must not be stopped or parked so as to obstruct traffic.
  • “No Stopping” regulations are in effect on many roadways during peak traffic hours, usually Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Permit holders are NOT exempt from these regulations.
  • Unless space is designated and signed as, “Reserved for Special Permit No. xxx,” permit holders cannot park in spaces marked “Reserved.