Notice:  Text2ParkMe will no longer be Available after July 1st, 2020.

We are transitioning from Text2ParkMe to the HotSpot app ( and encourage all visitors to Carleton’s campus to download the HotSpot app on their mobile devices.

Additional information about HotSpot can be found here (


Carleton University community members can now upgrade their existing ParkAdmin account profile to activate text-to-pay parking.

Users must first register their vehicle(s), cellphone number, and payment information (VISA/MasterCard) online.

The rest is easy!

Simply text ParkMe to the TEXT2PARKME access (telephone) number.

Having selected your parking option, booking duration, and confirming your transaction from your cellphone, you are then good to go! On rainy days or cold days, if you don’t have to get out of your car to pay for parking, why would you? A warning text message is sent when your parking booking is about to expire, with the option of extending the booking/time through another text command. You will never have to leave an important meeting or miss part of a class again!

TEXT2PARKME fees are very affordable when compared to the CALE Pay-by Plate (parking meter) fees:

These TEXT2PARKME options are available in all visitor parking areas on campus where CALE Pay-by Plate (parking meters) are located – for more information and details about TEXT2PARKME just look for the information banner on the top of CALE parking/payment stations.

TEXT2PARKME was developed by ParkAdmin – Parking Services’ web-based parking and security management system – providing an additional short-term visitor parking option to existing temporary (daily/weekly), monthly, semester, and yearly parking permit options. TEXT2PARKME also provides an alternative option to pay for short-term visitor parking when CALE Pay-by Plate machines are busy or out-of-service. Parking Services is committed to providing as many options as possible to those who park on campus – and this is just another choice you can make!

Registration for TEXT2PARKME is fast and simple!

Just follow these three easy steps.


  • Log-in to your existing ParkAdmin account profile or, if no existing profile has been created, create your account at


  • Update the Personal Information under your User Profile in ParkAdmin.
    • Under the Contact Details tab, enter the cellphone number (no brackets or hyphens/just numerics) that you will use to transact your TEXT2PARKME bookings. Please ensure that this cellphone number is entered correctly and that you verify accuracy as this cellphone number will be your identity when you make a parking booking through TEXT2PARKME. Modify Profile button must be selected to save entries or any changes under this tab.
    • Under the TEXT2PARKME tab, complete all required payment card (VISA/MasterCard) fields and select desired Reminder of Parking Expiry notification options (default = 5 minutes). Your credit card information is secured/masked for your protection within your ParkAdmin profile and will be billed only when authorized /confirmed transactions are made from your cellphone for TEXT2PARKME parking bookings. Modify Profile button must be selected to save entries or any changes under this tab.


  • Select the Vehicles Icon within your ParkAdmin profile and add the details and licence plate information for any/all vehicles that you might be driving/parking on campus. When initiating a TEXT2PARKME booking, you will need to select a vehicle within your profile to apply the booking against.

You are now ready to use TEXT2PARKME… the TEXT2PARKME access number is (613) 519-2690.

As you arrive on campus, park your vehicle in a designated visitor parking area…please refer to the Campus Map for visitor parking lot locations – Text ParkMe from your registered cellphone number to (613) 519-2690.

  1. Select the parking option for your booking.
  2. Enter your booking duration (total time that vehicle will be parked).
  3. Select your vehicle plate number… if vehicle is not listed, simply add your vehicle at this time.
  4. Confirm charges … and then just walk away!

You will receive a text reminder from TEXT2PARKME five (5) minutes before the expiry of your booking from which you can further extend your stay if you class or meeting is running longer than expected.

Please Note: There is a one-to-one relationship between your cellphone number and your TEXT2PARKME booking. For system security, TEXT2PARKME only allows one active booking at a time…you cannot book more than one transaction/vehicle parking booking until the previous booking has expired.

Support for STOP, BLOCK, and CANCEL (SMS STOP filtering)

  • Having problems reconnecting to the TEXT2PARKME service?  – STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, and QUIT –  will stop TEXT2PARKME users from receiving any messages from the ParkAdmin server. You must re-enable TEXT2PARKME in order to use the service…texting START, YES and UNSTOP to (613)519-2690 will opt users back into the TEXT2PARKME system and unblock SMS from filtering messages to your cellular phone number. HELP and INFO will return a message informing users that they can use the above commands to control the delivery of messages.

If you have questions, email Parking Services via