Emergency Response

  • respond to crimes in progress and investigate accordingly
  • co-ordination of emergency service response for police, fire and ambulance
  • provide medical assistance when required
  • respond to calls for mental health concerns and address appropriately
  • reporting and response to maintenance emergencies
  • response to fire alarms, chemical spills, medical and other emergencies
  • monitoring and response to intrusion alarm and other alarm systems
  • intervention, investigation and resolution of interpersonal dispute

Routine Functions

  • enforcement of Federal, Provincial Statutes and University Regulations.
  • provide information on community safety programs and services
  • patrol of campus grounds and buildings on foot, in vehicle and on bicycles
  • locking and unlocking of building entrances, classrooms, labs and offices
  • monitoring and reporting of heath and safety concerns to the Enviromentl Health and Safety (EHS) Department
  • regular checks of lighting, emergency phones and fire equipment
  • control of vehicle and pedestrian traffic when required
  • advice and reference to other campus services
  • liase with local law enforcement agencies
  • enforcement of parking regulations