Photo of Gail Atwill

Gail Atwill

Office of the Dean of Science, Administrative Officer

I believe that I would be an excellent candidate to be considered as a Pension Committee Member because:

I would be an excellent candidate to be considered as a Pension Committee Member because I have the skills and experience necessary to add value to the Committee, and I have the interest and desire to be an active member to ensure that the Carleton University Retirement Plan continues to be effectively managed.

The uncertain times we are currently in are affecting financial markets and investments worldwide, including the assets held by our Pension Plan and this has created anxiety for many people concerned about their future financial security. I understand these issues and am committed to the safeguarding and effective management of the valuable pension contributions that employees and the University have made to the Carleton University Retirement Plan.

I have the following skills and experiences which would be beneficial in my role as a Pension Committee Member:

I am a Chartered Professional Accountant and have many years of financial and administrative management in the University and not-for-profit sector. Prior to joining Carleton University, I held leadership positions at Arnprior Regional Health, University of Toronto and Queen’s University. I have also held leadership positions in financial institutions where I was responsible for the management and reporting of large investment portfolios. My skills obtained over more than 30 years of financial management will add value to the talent pool on the committee, particularly in the areas of financial analysis, strategic planning and risk management.

In addition to being a CPA, CA, my formal education includes a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and a Masters in Business Administration.

If elected to the Pension Committee, what would you like to gain from the experience and/or what skills would you further develop?

My goals of what I would like to gain from membership on the Pension Committee are to stay current with Pension legislation and to learn more about the specifics of the Carleton University Retirement Plan.

Personally, participation on the Pension Committee would create an opportunity for me to share my skills and experience in order to benefit the staff I would be representing. I have a lifelong passion for and participation in volunteering. I see joining the Pension Committee as an opportunity to share my talents and volunteer in the Carleton Community.