Not all of the following courses are offered in a given year. For an up-to-date statement of course offerings for 2012-13 and to determine the term of offering, consult the Public Class Schedule available at

Course titles are linked to a Course Outline if there is a pdf icon. Course outlines will be available starting mid-August.

First Year

FYSM 1209 Contemporary Moral, Social, and Religious Issues
PHIL 1100 Looking at Philosophy
PHIL 1200 The Meaning of Life
FYSM 1208A Looking at Philosophy
PHIL 1301 Mind, World and Knowledge
PHIL 1500 Contemporary Moral, Social, and Religious Issues
PHIL 1600 History of Philosophy


Second Year

PHIL 2001 Introduction to Logic
PHIL 2003 Critical Thinking (Fall 2012)
PHIL 2005 Greek Philosophy and the Western Tradition (Fall 2012)
PHIL 2010 Issues in Theoretical Philosophy
PHIL 2301 Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
PHIL 2380 Introduction to Environmental Ethics
PHIL 2408 Bioethics
PHIL 2550 Moral Psychology
PHIL 2900 Truth and Propaganda


Third Year

PHIL 3002 17th Century Philosophy
PHIL 3140 Epistemology
PHIL 3330 Topics in the History of Political Philosophy
PHIL 3340 Contemporary Social and Political Philosophy: Justice and the State
PHIL 3350 Robot Ethics
PHIL 3380 Environment, Technology & Values


Fourth Year

(for further detail on topics, see Graduate Seminars Offered in 2012-2013)

PHIL 4005A Topics in the History of Philosophy: Women and Early Modern Philosophy
PHIL 4006A Immanuel Kant, Critique of Pure Reason
PHIL 4320 Seminar in Ethics or Moral Philosophy


Summer 2013 Courses

PHIL 1200A The Meaning of Life
PHIL 1301 Mind, World and Knowledge
PHIL 1550A Introduction to Ethics and Social Issues
PHIL 2003A Critical Thinking
PHIL 2103A The Philosophy of Human Rights
PHIL 2408 Bioethics
PHIL 2504 Language and Communication