New and innovative resources to streamline the current online learning environment are continuously being developed and made available to students.

The PMC Coordinators and Assistive Technologists have compiled a list of assistive technologies, apps, and browser extensions which they hope might help students to focus on their readings and work through class materials.

Note: some of these technologies offer additional features at a cost. Always consult with an assistive technologist before making any of these purchases.

Beeline Reader

  • Extension on Chrome, Firefox, PDF and EPUB; also available as an app on Android and iOS
  • Activate ‘Clean Mode’ to remove browser background and advertisements from the page
  • Change the colour, size, spacing and the font to make the text easier to read
  • For more information and to download:


Immersive Reader

  • A feature on Microsoft Word and OneNote
  • Read over your notes, assignments, and study notes
  • The ‘Line Focus’ option will narrow the scope of text you see to 1, 3 or 5 lines
  • In OneNote use the ‘Grammar Options’ to highlight nouns, verbs, adjectives, or adverbs
  • For more information and to download:
  • You can download Microsoft Word and OneNote for free as a Carleton student:

Read & Write

  • Text-to-speech reading software for your computer
  • The ‘Screen Masking’ feature can be set up to create a reading ruler that follows your mouse
  • You can highlight important concepts and quotes in your readings with four different colours
  • Using the ‘Collect Highlights’ feature you can transfer all your highlights into a text document to easily start the outline for your reading notes or to pull quotes for a paper
  • For additional information and download instructions please book an appointment with an Assistive Technologist

Reading Ruler