Taking effective notes for and from online lectures can feel different than taking notes during in-person lectures. We’ve compiled some resources to help you get used to this new format.

Students registered with PMC can request support from a Learning Strategist for individualized support by contacting us by email at mess@cunet.carleton.ca . Alternatively, please request a referral through your PMC Coordinator.

Videos Tutorials:

Visit the Centre for Student Academic Support’s (CSAS) Online Resources.  Register and watch the tutorial on ‘Note-taking’, ‘Academic Reading’, and/or ‘Critical Thinking’. Students can contact CSAS email: csas@carleton.ca to acquire online resources.

Online How-To Guides:





Tools to Download:

Active Listening Voice Recording Software:

1) Glean (contact mess@cunet.carleton.ca to gain free access to this software) – Notetaking with Glean

2) Evernote – cloud based, app or on operating system to store notes. Also capacity for voice notes.

Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhHeAOzw2R4

3) OneNote – operating system to store notes and voice notes as well.

Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h07qZLLQc4I

Active Reading Techniques:

1) R1 Active Reading- SQ5R

2) S4 Q-Matrix to Create Empirical Questions