Whether you have remained in Ottawa or returned home during Covid-19, it is important to remain connected to Carleton, as a community.

The Student Experience Office (SEO) is collaborating with a variety of on-campus partners to engage students with the Carleton community while we are all at home.

Offerings include:

  • Bob Ross Paint Nights: Home Edition: each week CAB will select a Bob Ross episode on Netflix and challenge you to follow along with the painting instructions at home.
  • Five Word Review Contest: check the SEO facebook on Tuesday mornings for their weekly 5 Word Movie contest. Watch the movie or an episode of that week’s TV show for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card.
  • Fitness Livestreams: schedule available through the Carleton Athletics website.
  • Friday Night Live Concerts
  • and much more…

Visit the SEO Events page for more details about the activities listed, and for information about other activities available.