Applying for financial awards is a process.

In the same way that each university program has different application criteria and processes, each scholarship, bursary and/or award is set up independently.

Any time you apply for any scholarship, bursary, or award make sure that you:

  • Are Eligible: Any scholarship, bursary and/or award will have eligibility criteria available in full. Review this information to ensure that you meet the criteria.
  • Are Submitting a Complete Application: each scholarship, bursary and/or award will have unique requirements for the application. Review the applications process carefully to ensure that you are submitting everything that is required. Incomplete applications may not be able to be considered, and may be eliminated without further review.
  • Have Met the Application Deadline: all applications for any time of financial aid should be made prior to the published deadline. Late applications are typically not able to be considered.
  • Ask Questions if Necessary: with so many options and pieces of information it can become overwhelming to apply for financial aid. Don’t let that stand in the way of being able to access your education. If you have any questions, concerns, or queries about a scholarship, bursary or financial aid option, contact the individual or office listed with the details and application forms.

Want or Need More Tips, Tricks and Information?

The Awards and Financial Aid Office has compiled resources to help students navigate the financial aid application process.

These resources include FAQs about applying for bursaries, scholarships, Work Study programs, and more; standard forms and templates that you may need or want to use; the basic rules and regulations re:applying for financial aid; and more.