As exam season begins you may decide to take the time to reset your space and schedule. The PMC has compiled some tips, tricks and resources to help you set-up your study space, maintain boundaries, and make it through this period as successfully as possible.

Reset Your Space

In the same way that you would find a quiet, distraction-free space on campus to get some classwork or studying done, you should try to find a space that fits those same needs in your space at home.

Make a schedule that includes studying as well as breaks and time to rest. Ensure that your breaks accommodate more than just eating. Include time for yourself to step outside for a breath of fresh air, do a lap of your home, take some time away from looking at a computer screen, or for hobbies and interests.

Minimize distractions in your work and study space by keeping the area clutter-free.

If you share your living space with others, communicate your schedule and needs with them and ensure that you are attentive to their schedule and needs as well.

During an Exam

Treat online exams the same way you would treat in-person exams, as much as possible.

Make sure that you know the rules for the specific exam your are about to write. If there are instructions from your professor at the start of the exam, read them very carefully. If you skip questions, can you go back to them? Is it open or closed book? How long is the duration of the exam?

Consider a “Do Not Disturb : Exam in Progress” sign on your door or desk if you live with others and need them to be aware that you are immersed for the duration of your test.

Turn off and put away your phone and any other device that you are not using to complete your test.

Exam FAQs

PMC Coordinators have updated the Online Exam Accommodation FAQs. Please take a few minutes to review these to help you to prepare for your December exams.