Simplifying your routines around self-care can help with prioritization, time management, and maintaining a school-work-life balance.

PMC Coordinators recommend a Basic Self-Care Checklist (put together by as a great place to start. You can use it as-is, or adapt it your own space and needs.

Self-Care and Maintaining Focus:

Make sure that you schedule self-care breaks throughout the day, but also during tasks that may take-up a more extended length of time such as preparing for a test or exam, writing an assignment or completing course readings.

These self-care breaks should:

  • engage your mind in focussing on something other the task you are taking a break from.
  • vary – do a different activity for each one so that they do not become tedious or monotonous.
  • have a set duration and/or start-time and end-time – take your breaks when you need them and then get back to work refreshed.

Need some brain-break activity ideas? @thefabstory has put together a great Self-Care Menu to help get you started.

Online Learning 

Get started with Carleton’s Tips for Learning Online, put together by Teaching and Leaning Services. and the PMC’s rundown of tips, guidelines and strategies for online learning.

In addition to Carleton-specific resources, the Student Life Network hosts a blog, by students – for students, that provides all kinds of tips, hacks and fun facts. One PMC Learning Strategist especially appreciated “6 Tips for Writing Online Exams” that can be applied to other types of tests, too. This article includes reminders about not leaving the online test page during the test, and why, how to handle unforeseen glitches or issues and how to work through each test in a methodical way.

Other article topics in include easy self-care routines to do at home, pandemic dos and don’ts from an informative and fun perspective and many more.