Don’t let the shift to online learning slow down your learning progress.

Students registered with PMC can request support from a Learning Strategist for individualized support by contacting us by email at . Alternatively, please request a referral through your PMC Coordinator.

Video Tutorials:

Visit the Centre for Student Academic Support’s (CSAS) Online Resources.  Register and watch the tutorial on ‘Memory & Concentration’, ‘Learning Preferences’ and/or ‘Managing Procrastination’. Students can contact CSAS email: to acquire online resources.

Online How-To Guides:

Tools To Download:

1) FACE COVID Infographic by Russ Harris.

2) Setting SMART Objectives Worksheet.

3) ADHD and Motivation:

Mindfulness Techniques

4) HealthyMinds – to track stress and manage anxiety.

5) 3-minute exercises for Breathing Spaces.