Dear Students,

Congratulations on graduating under unusual and trying circumstances. Though the winter term was far from ideal, you successfully finished which required an extra measure of determination and resiliency that will serve you well in life.

Every student who puts 100% into graduating in a prescribed period of time is confronted with the reality that graduation is not an end so much as a new beginning. That concept can be both liberating and a bit scary. And let’s face it, the pandemic has lent an additional layer of uncertainty to an uncertain world. But take reassurance in the fact that you have achieved much, the future has not been written and you deserve an active part in it.

PMC students have done increasingly well over the years, in large measure because they have had to deal with more adversity than other students, and consequently are well equipped to meet whatever challenges come their way.

That is both a nice ending to your Postsecondary education and a nice way to begin your career.

Be bold, do what needs to be done, take responsibility and continue with the success that you achieved at Carleton. The big exciting world awaits.

Congratulations and all the best from all the staff at PMC!


Larry McCloskey

Director, Paul Menton Centre