Looking for more notetaking options, strategies, and information? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take part in some of our upcoming workshops, covering a range of topics, technologies, and strategies.

Note: only one session of any workshop need-be attended.

Taking Notes

During this workshop participants will discuss general notetaking strategies.
Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • identifying which information to record (in your notes)
  • organizing your notes
  • setting up a notetaking routine

The Taking Notes Workshop will be offered on:

January 22, 3-4pm
January 28, 1-2pm
February 4, 3-4pm

Taking Notes During Discussions

A workshop covering how you can modify your notetaking strategies for taking notes in discussion scenarios.

The Taking Notes During Discussions Workshop will be offered on:

January 22, 1-2pm
January 28, 3-4pm
February 5, 2-3pm

Taking Notes with Glean

Glean is a new recording-based notetaking software from Sonocent. During this workshop, participants will explore the software and its’ capabilities. PMC is taking part in a Glean pilot test; following this workshop any interested participants will have access to the software for the remainder of the term, for free. In addition, the creators (Sonocent) will be seeking user-feedback throughout the pilot. By taking part, you will have the opportunity to shape the continued development of this notetaking assistive technology.

The Taking Notes with Glean Workshop will be offered on:

January 21, 1-2pm
January 22, 2-3pm
January 28, 2-3pm

January 29, 2-3pm
February 5, 1-2pm
February 5, 3-4pm

Taking Notes with Smartpens

This workshop will cover the use of three different Livescribe pens: the Echo, 3, and Aegir, and the Moleskin pen.
Participants will also talk about ways to adapt personal notetaking style(s) to work with a Smartpen.

The Taking Notes with Smartpens Workshop will be offered on:

January 21, 3-4pm
January 29, 1-2pm
February 4, 2-3pm

Taking Notes with OneNote

This workshop will cover OneNote audio recording features, digital handwriting conversion to text, and more!

The Taking Notes with OneNote Workshop will be offered on:

January 21, 2-3pm
January 29, 3-4pm

February 4, 1-2pm

For additional information about any of the upcoming workshops, or to register, email Jordyn, jordyntremblay@cunet.carleton.ca.