Here at the Paul Menton Centre, (PMC), we know that this fall semester marks several big changes. Whether you are making the transition from high school to university, moving from online to in-person classes and/or adjusting to disability-related services at the post-secondary level, the PMC appreciates the challenges you may face. We also know that you are not alone in these challenges. In fact, there is a community of seasoned PMC students who possess tons of experiential knowledge about how to make studying at Carleton University more manageable.

The PMC’s Student Mentorship Volunteer Program (MVP) connects PMC veterans with PMC newbies to help make many aspects of university more approachable to students with disabilities. We aim to pair mentors and mentees who share similar disabilities and/or areas of study.

More information about the program, some of the unique benefits for participants, and how to register is all available on the PMC Student Mentorship Volunteer Program webpage.

Note that Carleton University offers several other student mentorship programs that range in their scopes and aims. Find a list of these opportunities in the SEO Mentoring web page and for science students Carleton also offers SSSC Mentoring.

Should you have any questions or additional accessibility needs, you can reach us at